Name: Cao Pi

Kingdom: Wei

Position: General

Age: 25

Weapon: Sword

Family: Cao Cao (father), Liu Bei (uncle), Liu Chan (cousin)

Spouse: Zhen Ji


Cao Pi is a ruthless warrior, and he is the son of Cao Cao. He is second in command of his family's army due to the fact that Cao Cao is still the leader. Although Cao Pi and Cao Cao are both ruthless, they share a close bond, and they both look after each other.

Cao Pi can be seen as the "bad guy" in the Dynasty Warriors games because he always tells people that he only fights for him and no one else. He is also apart of the only kingdom of the three kingdoms that will harm the innocent to win a battle. This often enrages the other kingdoms, encouraging them to defeat Cao Cao, Cao Pi, and their army.

Cao Pi also has a lover, Zhen Ji. Zhen Ji used to be the third wife of another general, but after being struck by her beauty on the battlefield, Cao Pi promised to give her the world if she joined him. She trusted his words and left her husband to go marry Cao Pi, often referring to him as "My Lord" or "My Darling." Zhen Ji also has many sensual lines towards Cao Pi in the Japanese versions of the games, but in the English version they are edited out. Cao Pi and Zhen Ji seem to be head over heels in love with each other in the games, often complimenting each other and flirting with each other. However, in real life, their relationship was quite the opposite. In real life, when Cao Pi was done using Zhen Ji, he forced her to commit suicide, then he went on to his next wife, who he had a child with, however, this was never mentioned in any of the games.

Cao Pi never shows any affection towards his people, and barely looks at them when they bow to them on the street, reinforcing his "bad guy" role.

Cao Pi is also shown in the opening of Dynasty Warriors 5, fighting Zhao Yun. It starts out showing Zhao Yun, fighting hundreds of thousands of soldiers, then it zooms up to the castle he is trying to get to and it shows Cao Pi walking out on the balcony, smirking at how Zhao Yun is taking down his soldiers. Once Zhao Yun is finally up on the balcony, he begins battle with Cao Pi, but right as they get close to each other, they freeze, and they turn into statues as it zooms away, showing the title.

Because they showed these two specific characters in the opening, this might reveal that Zhao Yun is the main good guy, and Cao Pi is the main bad guy (although Lu Bu seems to be the main bad guy).