Some of the Dynasty Warriors Characters

Dynasty Warriors is a series of games produced by Koei that centers around the Han dynasty era of China. All of the characters in the games are characters in the popular novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." The senerios in the novel are played out in the game which includes generals dying, betrayal, and battles.

Since the game is directed towards guys, most of the playable characters are men, but in Dynasty Warriors 5, there is a total of eight playable girls, and every single one of them has a love interest/husband, this was to attract girls to play the game.

In total, there are six Dynasty Warriors games in the series, but there are also extra ones that come out after the release of each one (ex. Dynasty Warriors 5: Extreme Legends, Dynasty Warriors 6: Strikeforce) These games are slightly different than the originals because they have new senerios and new playable battlegrounds.

Dynasty Warriors was first released in 1997, and it had more of an arcade game feel to it, but over the years, to present day, the graphics have gotten better and better, and now the player can run through a large battlefield in high quality, ride horses, and attack and entire crowd in one blow. The most recent game released is "Dynasty Warriors 6: Strikeforce" and there is rumor that Koei might come out with a Dynasty Warriors 7.

Dynasty Warriors has a sister gaming series called "Samurai Warriors" which takes place in Japan over the Edo period. However, since Dynasty Warriors was made first, there are more games in that series than in Samurai Warriors. Samurai warriors only has three games, but might come out with a fourth, but they have very few playable characters compared to Dynasty Warriors. Also, since it is Dynasty Warriors sister series, the gameplay is exactly the same, and so are all the controls, so the only thing different is the characters, the senerios, and the battlefields.