Fu Xi


Name: Fu Xi

Kingdom: Mystics

Position: Warrior

Age: 26

Weapon: Sword

Family: Nu Wa (sister)

Spouse: Nu Wa


Fu Xi is an old character of the Dynasty Warriors series. The last he was ever seen was in Dynasty Warriors 3.

In Dynasty Warriors 3, he fought along side his sister, Nu Wa, who was also taken out of the series after Dynasty Warriors 3, just like her brother. However, the two characters both returned in Warriors Orochi 2, but instead of being on the Dynasty Warriors side, they were in a group called "The Mystics" along with Taigong Wang, who were not joined with the Samurai Warriors side, Dynasty Warriors side, or Orochi side, they were simply the "others." In Warriors Oroci 2, Fu Xi and Nu Wa followed Taigong Wang's every order, like they were his soldiers. It is unknown how Fu Xi and Nu Wa transferred to "The Mystics" with no memory of ever being apart of the Dynasty Warriors side, because them being Dynasty Warriors was never mentioned in the Warriors Orochi game.

It was also noticed that in Warriors Orochi 2, Nu Wa got a massive makeover when she returned, changing her appearance completely, but when Fu Xi was shown in Warriors Orochi 2, he hadn't changed a bit.

Fu Xi first appeared in Warriors Orochi 2 when Dong Zhou was attacking a village. Fu Xi suddenly showed up, said it looked interesting, then helped out in defeating him. After Dong Zhou was defeated, Fu Xi rode off without a word, leaving many confused.

In real life, Fu Xi was revealed to have an incestuous relationship with his sister, Nu Wa, and later on in life, they married, but this is never mentioned in any of the games. In fact, to hide this, they made Nu Wa have feelings for Cao Cao in the games. Since an incestuous relationship was deemed innapropriate, they did not show Nu Wa's and Fu Xi's real relationship in the games.