Name: Xu Zhu

Kingdom: Wei

Position: Warrior

Age: 25

Weapon: Club

Family: None

Spouse: None


Xu Zhu is known for his large size and his incredible strength. He is often called "stupid" by his fellow generals and warriors because of the way he speaks, which is slow and deep, close to that of a mentally retarded person, which is why everyone in the game calls him stupid. However, he does not let names get him. Instead, he holds his head up proudly and fights for his lord, Cao Cao. Xu Zhu is very dedicated to Cao Cao, and will always ask if he's alright when he shows up. Even though no one ever pays attention to Xu Zhu, he still fills himself with pride and continues to fight.

Xu Zhu is a very large man, making him one of the slowest characters in the game (along with Meng Huo) but he makes up for it in strength. His weapon is a large, iron ball connected to a long, wooden handle. He uses this weapon by swinging it around multiple times, taking out anyone around him. His strength is so incredible that when he hits you, you go flying thirty feet away. His strength was also proven in the ending scene of his musou mode in Dynasty Warriors 5 where he was asked to move a giant rock (roughly 5 tons). He agrees and walks over to it, grabbing hold of it, and lifting it into the air before throwing it fifty feet into the distance. The soldiers behind him clapped with amazement, but Xu Zhu still wasn't happy. His last words before the scene faded out was, "All I want is a field where I can grow some rice!" showing his love for food, and his hate for the violence of the war. During the last scene of his musou mode, the war was still going on. This was never explained, since everyone else's musou mode ended with the war over.

None of the Dynasty Warriors games never really go into Xu Zhu's life, all they mention is that he was a faithful follower to Cao Cao.