Yue Ying

Yue Ying in Dynasty Warriors 5


Yue Ying in Dynasty Warriors 6


Name: Yue Ying

Kingdom: Shu

Position: General/Inventor

Age: 26

Weapon: Scythe, Bow and Arrow, Bo Staff

Family: None

Spouse: Zhuge Liang


Yue Ying is a famous inventer who invented weapons such as the "juggernaut" which is a cannon that has the face of a lion that spits out fire balls. In the games they some how have the power to move on their own, so even if your character moves out of the way of the juggernauts firing range, it'll just turn around to you or follow you with its wheels.

Yue Ying was first introduced as a bodyguard in Dynasty Warriors 4, then Koei decided to make her into an actual playable character. It is also revealed that she is the wife of Zhuge Liang, and gets offended when anyone insults him, such as Zhen Ji in Dynasty Warriors 4: Extreme Legends when she says that Zhuge Liang doesn't fight, he just pretends to stratigize, to which Yue Ying insults Cao Pi as a way to get back at her. Zhen Ji gets mad and yells at Yue Ying, resulting in the two girls battling each other while their husbands stand by, watching.

Yue Ying clearly doesn't care about fashion, and will only wear armor that will help her in the battlefield, therefore her clothes are bulky and contain more armor than the rest of the female characters in the game. Her weapon is a long sythe that she uses more like a spear. However, in Dynasty Warriors 6 her outfit is changed to a light-weight dress without an ounce of armor on it. She also loses the head armor that she used to wear, revealing her hair. Her weapon was also changed to a bow and arrow. Then in Dynasty Warriors 7, her weapon became the Bo Staff.

Yue Ying in Dynasty Warriors 7

Yue Ying and Zhuge Liang first met after Zhuge Liang heard about Yue Ying's great knowlege. Even though people told him that she was unattractive, he still sought after her. When he finally found her, Yue Ying was quite aggressive with him, and immediatly started a battle. However, it was Zhuge Liang who came out victorious. Yue Ying accepted her defeat and told Zhuge Liang that she would be his servant from then on. Zhuge Liang refused and told her that the only thing she had to do was walk along side him as his wife. From that day forward, they were married.