Zhang He in Dynasty Warriors 6


Name: Zhang He

Kingdom: Wei

Position: General

Age: 24

Weapon: Gloves with long metal claws, Staff (Dynasty Warriors 6)

Family: None

Spouse: None


Zhang He is the most feminine male in the entire Dynasty Warriors game series. He has long, brown hair that he ties into a ponytail and he is always wearing purple outfits with butterflies or flowers on them. In fact, one of his outfits available in Dynasty Warriors 5 was a purple outfit with fairy wings on the back, and had his hair tied up into a bun, showing off his feminine side. All of his quotes contain the words "beautiful" or "beauty" somewhere in them, as though the only thing he cares about is being beautiful. His feminine side was brought out even more at the end of his musou mode in Dynasty Warriors 5 when he is speaking to his soldiers, informing them that they had won the war. Most of the men in the Dynasty Warriors games celebrate winning the war by claiming victory and raising their weapon in the air as their soldiers cheer, but when Zhang He told his soldiers that they won, he told him to celebrate, not with their swords, but with a dance! Then techno music started up and it showed all fifty of his soldiers dancing in unison to a dance that was led by Zhang He. Zhang He then stopped and touched his face, telling himself that he would make this new age "simply beautiful."

Zhang He is often referred to as "weird" by the other generals, but since he is so strong, they ignore the fact that he is strange and try to recrute him to their army. Zhang He originally fought under Cao Cao's rule, but at one point in one of the games, one of the warriors under another general recruted Zhang He, making it so he was betraying Cao Cao.

Zhang He is often referred to as "gay" because of his feminine personality, but this is never confirmed in the game. However, unlike some of the male generals, Zhang He does not have a love interest, revealing that he might in fact be gay. However, in real life, Zhang He was very manly and was not feminine at all. Koei might have just changed Zhang He's personality to either appeal to the female audience since there weren't a lot of girl characters, or to make it seem like they accepted all sexualities in their games. The truth is unknown.

Extra: Zhang He is often said to look a lot like Zhen Ji, who also has brown hair she ties into a ponytail and also wears feminine, purple clothes. But they are not related at all and their only relation is that they served Yuan Shao until the Battle of Guandu where they both defected to Wei.