Name: Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu DW5

Zhou Yu in Dynasty Warriors 5

Kingdom: Wu

Position: Officer

Age: 22

Weapon: Sword (Staff in DW6)

Spouse: Xiao Qiao

Family: Da Qiao (sister-in-law), Sun Ce (brother-in-law), Ji Qiao (Niece)

Zhou Yu is a faithful warrior of Wu and cares for everyone around him. He takes on the burden himself of killing enemy soldiers and protecting others, giving off a "protective older brother" kind of feel. However, the one he cares about and wants to protect the most is his wife, Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu first met when Zhou Yu and Sun Ce went to meet Xiao Qiao and Da Xiao at their kingdom. Their father was very protective of them and deemed Zhou Yu and Sun Ce "not worthy" to marry his daughters. To prove themselves, they fought all the guards off before finally getting to Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao, but the battle wasn't over yet. The girls wanted to see if the boys had what it took to marry them, so they challenged them to a battle, and if they won, they would marry them. The battle ended in the Qiaos defeat, so they happily followed their lords back to their kingdoms and married them. However, in real life, the two Xiaos met Zhou Yu and Sun Ce when they were placed under the care and protection of Sun Ce while their father was off at war. Over this time, the girls bonded with Zhou Yu and Sun Ce, and became their wives later on.. This pairing was strange, however, since Xiao Qiao acts like a child and goofs off a lot, and Zhou Yu is serious and determined, but it is Xiao Qiao's personality that Zhou Yu likes, and he is determined to do anything for her. In fact, whenever Zhou Yu goes off to battle, he is followed by Xiao Qiao, who demands to fight alongside him. Zhou Yu agrees but only if she stays close to him so she won't be hurt.

Zhou Yu was actually the one who put Wu into the war. After hearing a false rumor from Zhuge Liang that Cao Cao was after his wife, Xiao Qiao, Zhou Yu became angry and marched his soldiers to Chi Bi to confront Wei. This led Wu into the war.

Zhou Yu's closest friend is Sun Ce, revealing that they might've been childhood friends, but this was never mentioned in any of the games. Zhou Yu is often seen guarding Sun Ce, this is because Sun Ce is higher ranked in Shu than Zhou Yu because he is the Sun prince. Although, he does become king after his father dies, after which, Zhou Yu becomes his personal body guard.