Name: Zhu Rong

Kingdom: Nanman Tribe

Position: Queen/Second-in-Command

Age: 28

Weapon: Boomerang

Family: None

Spouse: Meng Huo


Zhu Rong is the Nanman queen, wife of Meng Huo, and believes herself to be the reincarnation of the goddess of fire. She is very strong and reckless, and she will take no mercy on anyone. She puts all her strength into helping Meng Huo defend their homeland, and saves all her lecturing for Meng Huo, such as telling him to stand up straight so he would look strong for his people.

Although Zhu Rong is beautiful, she takes a liking in Meng Huo for his large figure, and constantly rides on his shoulder as he walks, other times they'll be riding an elephant together, looking over their land.

Zhu Rong actually revealed that she loves her land and all of its people, even though it doesn't seem like it and it looks like she ignores her people. This was revealed in her musou mode ending in Dynasty Warriors 5 when Zhu Rong and Meng Huo were riding on an elephant together, looking over the land. Zhu Rong was smiling and saying, "War does have its moments, but nothing compares to this..." stating that she loves the land and all the people that follow them.

Since Zhu Rong is among jungle people, she dresses the part too. Her outfit shows as much skin as it possible can, but as sort of a censor, her chest, thighs, and arms are covered in black tattoos. These could be similar to stripes, connecting her to the tigers that are her "pets" and fight for her, whereas Meng Huo has elephants on his side to fight for him. Zhu Rong has tigers to match her speed and endurance, and Meng Huo has elephants to match his size and strength. Another key point in Zhu Rong's appearance are the feather's in her hair. In nearly every game Zhu Rong has feathers somewhere in her hair, whether they are hair clips or a hat, she always has feathers in her hair. Her weapon is a large boomerang made out of bone that is actually made into the shape of a triangle.

Zhu Rong was cut from Dynasty Warriors 6 for unknown reasons, but might return for Dynasty Warriors 7.

In Kessen 2, Zhu Rong's apperance greatly differs from that in the Dynasty Warriors series. In Kessen 2, Zhu Ron is light skinned, has short, blonde hair, wears big, round glasses, wears purple armor, and wears a "palm-tree" hat on her head. The Zhu Rong in Kessen 2 is also much older than the Zhu Rong in Dynasty Warriors. In Kessen 2, she is also more flirty with other soldiers even though she's married.