Name: Zuo Ci

Kingdom: Shu

Position: General/Strategist

Age: 70

Weapon: Deck of Cards

Family: None

Spouse: None


Zuo Ci is an old man who travels all of China in hopes of finding a warrior who is strong enough to end the war.

Zuo Ci is the most powerful character in the game, even more powerful than Lu Bu. Since he is so powerful, he is the last character you have to unlock in Dynasty Warriors 5. The only way to unlock him is to unlock every other character in the game. Even when you first get him and he isn't leveled up yet, he's still as powerful as a leveled up character! His weapon is a stack of magical cards that he uses musou to levitate and throw at people. These cards are very powerful and will hurt anyone very easily. Part of the reason they're so powerful is because they can stretch long range. Like Xing Cai and Yue Ying, his weapon can stretch far. He throws them out and they extend almost like a sword and hit someone far away. His musou attack is also the most powerful one in the game. When you activate his musou attack, his cards start floating around him at a rapid rate, hitting and blowing away anyone and anything they hit, and after the cards slow down, he lunges at the ground and five lightning bolts hit the ground around him, blowing away anyone else who was near him.

Zuo Ci is a master sorcerer that is known for his talents all across China. In Warriors Orochi 2, he teamed up with Zhang Jiao and Pang Tong to fight against Kunoichi and Nene to finally prove that sorcery was better than ninjutsu. The two girls created many illusions along the way, but because these three generals were masters of sorcery, they knew what was fake, what was real, and how to take the illusion down. In the end, it was the sorcerers who came out victorious, however, Nene and Kunoichi still believe that their ninjutsu is the best way.

Zuo Ci is a loyal follower of Liu Bei and risks his life to protect his. However, even though he protects Shu, he is placed in "Other" in the character category. This was probably because he's not technically on Shu, he only protects them because he believes that Liu Bei is a smart leader.

Zuo Ci is a very calm man and doesn't think much of fighting even though he is very skilled at fighting himself. He never becomes angry and is never worried about the other armies gaining the upperhand. This is because he really doesn't care who wins the war, just as long as it ends and there is peace over the land once more.

In reality, Zuo Ci never fought in literature or history.